Ofrenda Maya's Silver is a crystal clear tequila, infused with brilliant silver, white and blue reflections. It has a high body with a slow run off of  "tears".


Its aroma spreads quickly, reminiscent of herbs, raw vegetables and agave with a subtle floral hint of orange blossom and jasmine and a deceptively soft alcoholic impact.


The caramelization attained through the slow cooking process lends to an intense sweet candy taste. It’s rich mixture of herbs and vegetables with hints of cinnamon and pepper enhances its alcoholic impact.


The orange blossom finish will make you long for another sip.


Enjoy with...

Silver is best when sipped in a tall, stemmed glass similar to a Riedel Tequila Glass.  Maya Silver is best enjoyed as a great appetizer along with the traditional salt and lemon or accompanied as an addition to citric fruits.


For the gourmet, we suggest that you unite it with smoked hams or strong cheeses such as Camembert or Roquefort.



40% Alc. Vol.  80 PROOF

Cont. Net. 750ml