Maya- Reposado



Ofrenda Maya's Reposado is aged for 11 months in American White Oak Barrels, producing a notably high body. It has a transparent shade of brilliant gold.


The aroma of Reposado is reminiscent of green fruit with notes of sweet seeds. Notice the fresh vanilla, butter or dried fruit finish. Even after the last sip the aroma of herbal agave and sweet orange, lightly spiced with cinnamon and pepper, remains.


Savor the herbal agave and rich vanilla flavor in this high-bodied tequila. Notice the continuous note of chocolate with a hint of vanilla added by the sugars from the wood of the barrels.


The subtle hint of alcohol allows for full enjoyment and appreciation of citric fruit, chocolate and vanilla aroma as well as smoked seed flavors. The flavor is prolonged at the ‘end of the mouth’ and the memory of a magical drink remains.


Enjoy with...

Reposado is best when sipped in a tall, stemmed glass similar to a Riedel Tequila Glass.  Maya Reposado may be enjoyed as an appetizer with cold hams and strong cheeses.  It’s characteristics of butter makes it pair well with seafood.


If your tastes tend toward a “smoother” experience, then Reposado is for you.



40% Alc. Vol.  80 PROOF

Cont. Net. 750ml