Maya- Extra Añejo



Ofrenda Maya's Extra Anejo is aged for a minimum of 42 months in American White Oak Barrels. Notice the brilliant transparent copper reflections produced when the glass is inclined. The aging of this tequila produces a ‘crown’ on the mouth of the glass before it drains into ‘rivers of tears’.


Its aroma produces a very subtle hint of alcohol. Take in the deep fragrance of oak with hints chocolate and vanilla. As the glass is pulled away, notice the sweet seeds of hazelnut and brown almonds with traces of dried apple and plum.


When sipped, notice its intense sweetness and great body in the ‘beginning of the mouth’. Notes of oak dominate with vanilla, almond and coffee flavors.


There remains a prolonged flavor of sweet chocolate and almonds that will make you want to stay and commune with Maya.


Enjoy with...

Extra Anejo is best when sipped in a tall, stemmed glass similar to a Riedel Tequila Glass.  It is best enjoyed when paired with red meats or as a digestive to enjoy with desserts, tobacco or even with an espresso.


Celebrate with it at or after a special event or in the evening with friends as you accompany it with chocolate, cherries or dried fruit on thin wafers.



40% Alc. Vol.  80 PROOF

Cont. Net. 750ml